Calcium Oxide – Quicklime




Calcium oxide _CaO

Calcium oxide or quicklime is a chemical compound of the formula CaO , which is in the form of a white crystalline (amorphous) powder in the normal state.

It reacts in contact with water in a diffuse form, forming calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime).
CaO + H2O → Ca (OH) 2

Calcium oxide synthetically prepares from heating calcium carbonate to about 1000 ° C (thermal disintegration of limestone).
CaCO3 — 1000 → CaO + CO2

Calcium oxide is used in many applications as :
# Water_ treatment
#Paints_ And_ pigment_ Industries
#Hydrated _lime_ industry
#Fertilizer_ Industries

We Can Provide Many Types of Packing as :
#Jumbo Bags ~1.200 MT (Lumps)
# Dump Trucks 30-90 MT (Lumps)
#Silo_Trucks~60 MT (grinded )


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